New flexBridge HDMI to MIPI-DSI LCD Interface-Bridging

Display Solution launches the first member of its innovative bridge module concept for LCD video interfaces such as TTL, HDMI, e / DP, LVDS and MIPI-DSI

Display Solution launches the first member of its self-developed and manufactured “Made in Germany” flexBridge product family, the HDMI-to-MIPI DSI module.

flexBridge is an innovative video interface bridging module (BM) concept for combinations of different video sources and sinks. The increased number of video interfaces (TTL, HDMI, e / DP, LVDS, MIPI-DSI) leads to a variety of possible combinations. Since the selected or desired host unit is increasingly not providing the appropriate interface for the selected display, a bridge solution is required. The concept of the FlexBridge module (BM) is the solution here.

The flexBridge module concept:

Each video interface has a fixed PIN assignment and can serve as input or output depending on the desired bridge solution. The half-hole technology (Stamp-PCB) allows easy and direct integration. The bridge module has small external dimensions of 50.0mm x 35.0mm and allows easy and flexible installation directly on the host or alternatively on the TFT display side. The concept leads to a cost-effective interface board solution in proven industrial quality.

The new HDMI-to-MIPI-DSI BM (bridge module) is mounted on a flexBridge BaseBoard, which supports a selection of MIPI-DSI displays. The BaseBoard reproduces both the mechanical and the electrical properties of the desired display. These typically include connector type and location, as well as specific requirements for power-on sequencing and / or backlighting.