Shelfvision digital POS Advertising


in-house developed and manufactured by Display Solution, Germany

In-house developed and manufactured
Own production - MADE IN GERMANY
Own Distribution & Partners
  • Shelfvision Sizes

    Standard Video Strips with 3, 5, 6, 9 or 11 LCDs in 4.3″ format

  • Interface Varianten

    HDMI Monitor for PC or IntelNuc or with integrated Advertising Media Player

  • In-house Design and Production

    Quality “MADE IN GERMANY” and offering competent support

  • Adjustment and Accessories

    Individual Strips in form and function with mounting

Which Interface variant will work for me?

Shelfvision is a in-house developed and manufactured In-Store shelf-edge Video Strip product family MADE IN GERMANY of Display Solution GmbH.

Available in different sizes and interface options.

Can similar or mirrored content be displayed on the bars at the same time?

Technically, it is possible to display with ShelfVision bars mirrored, similar or simultaneous content. Practically, this is the case with digital signage applications with multiple bars on just one advertising player or PC. The arrangement of the ShelfVision bars is then e.g. possible in 4 x 3 display strips one below the other on a shelf or side by side. This daisy-chaining solution is possible for larger quantities or on request as a sample for testing.

Please enter your planned use case in the field DESCRIPTION. Our experts then work out a special offer for you.

Do you offer mounting options like Clamps for the SVL-Strips?

Display Solution GmbH offers Clamps for their in-house developed and produced Shelfvision display strips.

How many clamps do I need for my SVL bars?
From 3 to 6 displays, 2 clamps are sufficient.
From 9 displays and longer please order 3 clamps.
The clamps are not included. Order-No. SV-SH-CL

How can I mount the clamps on the shelf vision bars?
On the back of the SVL housing, the clamps can be screwed on and then attached to the shelf.
Check out the picture below:

Individual colors of the SVL-housing in Corporate Design possible?

The standard SVL strips are available in elegant silver anodized aluminum housing with black background.

Is it possible to adapt Shelfvision in corporate design RAL colors of your brand or also design surfaces for  shopfitting? For larger quantities, we can customize our own-developed and produced in Germany Shelfvision shelf-edge display strips also color for a surcharge. Please ask for the MOQ, the minimum order quantity. Possible are anodised aluminum colors, e.g. black or a powder coating in all RAL colors and for pattern or smaller quantities in shop fitting a foil coating. Matching this, the front glass and other parts can be adjusted.

Please indicate your individual wishes, special requirments and quantities in the Shelfvision inquiry form below of this page.

How can I create content files or movies for Shelfvision?

Dynamic content for Shelfvision shelf-edge Video Strips can be created with all professional video programs as Adobe (Premiere, After Effects), Apple (Final Cut) or any Video Freeware.

Please use a resolution of  1440px x 1088px for 3, 5, 6 and 11 Displays.

Please notice: Only for 9-Display-Eco-Shelfvision Bars 1440px x 816px!

Advertising Player-SVL-Strip: USB-Stick Preparation?

Please create your video file in 1440px x 1088px (3,5,6 and 11) or 1440px x 816px for the 9-Display ECO SVL bar.

Please notice
Format of Video-file .mp4 or .webm!
For test purposes its possible to use for short time a static content .jpg file, but not recommended!

  1. Please use an USB Memory Stick, FAT32 formatted
  2. Upload txt-file shelfvision.keys on your USB Stick.
    This file is provided within your Shelfvision product delivery package on the Demo-USB-Stick.
    Alternatively you can order the file from our Salesteam or Supportteam.
    Thirdly you can create the txt-File by your own. Check out the “Shelfvision Quick Start Guide” provided.
  3. Copy your .mp4 or .webm file on the USB Stick.
  4. Connect your USB Stick (with 2 files: shelfvision.keys and your Video-File) to the Shelfvision Advertising Player Strip
    Please wait some Seconds until you will be promted on the left hand side “Remove Stick”. Please remove your USB Stick and wait.
  5. Your Video should now be displayed on the Shelfvision Bar. If not, please reconnect power.
    Eventually files created with Apple, Unix or Linux will automatically create invisible backup.files.
    Please enable the system to show you all file-extensions and remove the backup-files.

Optionally, the factory default 32-digit key of the shelfvision.keys file can be changed for security reasons. Use a free MD5 hash generator software and create your own key. Open the textfile shelfvision.keys with an editor and insert the following text:
{key: old key,newKey: new key}

Additional Security USB Stick Content Upload Option available?

Optionally, you can change the factory-set key for security reasons.

Use a free MD5 hash generator software and create your own key. Open the textfile shelfvision.keys with an editor like notepad++ and insert the following text: {key: old key, newKey: new key}

Please document these 32-digit keys carefully. A change in case of loss is only possible through a fee-based hardware intervention of the manufacturer.

Is the power adapter included?

The power supply for shelf vision strips is not included. It can be ordered under the order no.

POW-NN-12-008 can be ordered additionally. An adapter set for international use is included.

Packing & Shipping Information

This shipping information is without guarantee, just for your preliminary information:

Shelfvision Inquiry Form 

Product Enquiry

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We handle your data carefully according to the EU data protection regulation EU-DSGVO and use them only in-house for an optimized offer preparation. With your request, you agree that we may save and process your data to answer your request.

Please notice:
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SHELFVISION shelf-edge Video Strips are in-house developed and manufactured In-Store Digital Signage Mini LCD Bars for Retail and Information.
Enhanced digital customer-experience directly at the POS. Influence shoppers purchase decision in front of the shelf with dynamic content like videos, unlimited product information or stop passersbys with SHELFVISION eyecatcher.

Stylish elodized Aluminium-Housing for Standard Strips in different sizes and interface-variants like advertising-player version with USB-Stick upload, HDMI connection as additional monitor or Intel Nuk or PC etc.